Flash Light

With the growing need to make all devices as fast, interactive and dynamic as PCs, we have sharpened our skills working with Flash Lite, thus providing compelling and consistent user experience.

Our Flash Lite Services
Our dedicated team of Flash Lite designers and engineers have implemented our Flash Lite services on varied and numerous devices, helping you to lower overall cost and accelerate time-to-market.

We are all set to revolutionize the Flash Lite gaming space with our creativity and development skills, thus leading the way for an engaging mobile user experience. We not only build games on Flash Lite, but also develop distribution systems to help your game reach its audience. Our custom developed Flash Lite games bring on the original excitement and fun of mobile gaming.

Media Applications Our Flash Lite media applications give your users ultimate multimedia mobile experiences complete with video, sound and animations. This not only results in lower development costs, but also quicker time to market. Flash lite has big support for media applications. Unlike Flash, it has features to use Device media capabilities, for example, playing media format besides MP3, FLV, and H264. It supports almost all the formats that the device supports. We use Flash Lite to develop applications like the following:

Collaboration Applications
Like Text Chat and Messages.

RIA applications
We develop RIA applications by connecting server database and pulling saved data, using regular HTTP services and SWX RPC for Flash Lite. The uniqueness of RIA lies in its rendering engine that distinguishes it from other web architecture. The rendering engine in RIA acts as a mediator between the user and web server. The rendering engine works from the client end. Most of the RIA applications use a server component on its server side that processes the client-end business logic to work for the rendering engine.

Plugin Integration
We use Kuneri Lite Plugins to extend the capabilities of your application to device level functionalities like the following:

  • • Access to device camera
  • • Connection via bluetooth
  • • DTMF tone support
  • • Persistent data via File system
  • • GPS or location based services
  • • Simple SWF security protection
  • • Animated SWF ringtones
  • • Rotate to detect physical rotation of the device
  • • System for launching application
  • • Timer helping you countdown to event
  • • Upload/Download content via HTTP