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J2ME offers an extraordinary flexible and robust platform for developing mobile applications with enterprise class performance, reliability and value. We cover every aspect of industrial strength applications with J2ME: design, architecture, tools, processes and business issues.

Our Deep Rooted Knowledge
Our deep rooted knowledge of HTTP connection classes, session tracking and secure HTTP connection handling in J2ME applications gives us the edge in development of B2B and B2C applications. Mail4ME, Java Phone PIM API and connection handling with Corporate Portal Servers (Blackberry mail API, Blackberry PIM) help us build useful mobile clients for Personal Information Management and social networking applications.

Wireless Messaging
The wireless messaging API (SMS and MMS) and its Instant Messaging Convergence help us integrate SMS to Jabber server and other messaging servers like Yahoo, MSN and Google. We have a very good understanding of asynchronous messaging (Mobile Enterprise Messaging) that helps us build scalable mobile applications where multiple user requests do not block your application server.

Enterprise Applications
Enterprise applications totally rely upon mobile side databases and their synchronization to the Enterprise Database. We generally use PointBase Micro Edition and Oracle 9i Lite as mobile databases for application development. Both the databases provide libraries for synchronization of mobile database with Enterprise DB. This provides excellent platform for B2B/B2C applications to work even when the user is not docked.

Communication with Web Applications
We communicate with web applications using XML documents. Advance techniques like web services and tools like SAX parsers and KSOAP help us communicate with application servers and build RSS mobile clients. Location API is one of our other expertise areas.

Game Development
J2ME APIs for 2D and 3D graphics give us excellent platform for game development. Our hands-on experience in collision detection algorithms, proximity algorithms and optimization techniques for number calculations make us one of the preferred companies for game development.

The cross-platform and robust nature of Java makes it the most preferred platform for mobile development. We specialize in building:

  • • B2B applications
  • • B2C applications
  • • Gaming Engines