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Symbain C++

We specialize in Symbian OS development on the S60 platform, the Series 80 platform and UIQ. These platforms cover the complete range of Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. Development on Symbian C++ platform is difficult (unusual C++ APIs, poor debugger support and Symbian 9 breaks binary compatibility), but we have mastered the art. We develop Symbian applications on Visual Studio 2005 and Carbide VS.Net.

We have a very good understanding of Symbian OS as well as of its unusual C++ API. Our domain knowledge of RTOS also helps us to understand Symbian OS better. Our company has a very good knowledge pool on C++ and data structures which help us build better applications. Also, our applications do not suffer from issues like memory leaks.

Our knowledge on Avkon UI and UIQ UI help us build scalable user interface across platforms and mobile devices. We have in-depth knowledge on different APIs like Messaging API (SMS, MMS and Instant Messaging), Multimedia API, Connection API (HTTP, Bluetooth, Infrared), Personal Information Management, Location API (GPS, Lands mark API, Network Based Position), Scalable UI API, Start up management API and Telephony API.

Test Your Application
We have testing infrastructure for QA of mobile applications on phones of all leading brands (Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola). We build comprehensive test plans and risk charts for each application. The test plans are made keeping major areas in mind like the screen sizes, key designation and memory constraints.

Symbian Signing Process
Symbian OS does not allow applications to access the resources of the system. The application, in order to access local resources, needs a certificate issued by This certificate maintains a list of capabilities (resources) the application has access to. The process of obtaining the certificate and attaching it to the application is called Symbian Signing. Symbian Signing and testing are the most important steps after development. For development purposes, Symbian Signed gives Developer the option of Open Signed.

The Open Signed process is freely available but the application is limited to specific mobiles (It has restriction on IMEI number of the handset). The application can be installed on all mobiles only if the application is expressed signed or certified signed. Certified Signed requires the application to be submitted to certified test houses for testing. Evon will take care of all these issues after development. We make sure that the application is certified signed at the first iteration with independent test house. We understand the value of our clients and their stakeholders’ time, and hence, promise to take the complete responsibility of hassle-free delivery of a complete solution that is certified signed.


  • S60: This is the platform of the most selling Symbian OS phones. Many of the phones are manufactured by Nokia. S60 is mostly used in one-handed phones but it supports full keyboard (QWERTY) too.
  • UIQ: This platform is mostly used in PDA-like phones that are operated with stylus. However, there are some UIQ phones operated with keyboard too. Many of UIQ phones are manufactured by Sony Ericsson.
  • Series 80: Series 80 is the platform for Nokia Communicator Series, such as Communicator 9500 and 9300. We are not sure about the future of Series 80 because we have not heard any upcoming Communicator models.
Launch to OVI Store
The OVI store is getting popular day by day. World Wide Nokia holds a dominant market share. To reach out to those customers getting your application to OVI store is the first important step. We will make sure that your Application is there.